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Our Philadelphia Landlord and Tenant Lawyers have experience in all areas of eviction, ejectment, real estate and removal matters in Philadelphia, PA and the surrounding counties.  There are additional regulatory requirements in Philadelphia to rent property and these requirements generally come into play during an eviction.  Most tenant’s primary defenses to eviction actions are that the Landlord is non-compliant with Philadelphia Code or Pennsylvania Landlord and Tenant Law.  For example, it most cases a landlord must possess a rental license, certificate of rental suitability, lead safe certificate and complete the Philadelphia Eviction Diversion Program before filing for eviction.  If you do not have these documents you may be eligible under some circumstances to file an emergency eviction for possession only and bypass the rental license requirement.  In other limited circumstances where the occupant has not paid rent in a long time, the owner may seek possession based on an alternate theory of ejectment.  For more information about your options speak with an experience Philadelphia Real Estate Lawyer at 267-535-9776.