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Mark D. Copoulos

Mark D. Copoulos

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If Mark Copoulos was not a lawyer he would be a boxer.  In 2010 while training with the United States Marine Corps a sergeant of the USMC told Mark Copoulos, “you have the name of a heavyweight fighter.” Today Mark Copoulos fights like an aggressive welterweight in the courtroom for those who have chosen to call him their lawyer.  He does not blink or back down from a fifteen round battle.

While Mark never became a Marine due to an asthmatic condition that disqualified him from Officer Candidate School, his life is characterized by discipline and a superior work ethic.  In college he was inspired by the teaching of the iconic Vince Lombardi.  Mark’s studies of Lombardi  had a tremendous impact on his life approach and competitive fire. Like Vince Lombardi, Mark Copoulos believes that through unmatched work ethic and commitment to excellence, anything is possible.

Ten years ago, while studying in college, Mark Copoulos waged a campus-wide textbook campaign that garnered local media attention.  His fight was based on his sincere belief that students were being abused by the system.  The campaign resulted in lower textbook prices for students, and inspired Mr. Copoulos to continue his battle for the underdog.

After college, Mark Copoulos studied at The Villanova University School of Law, where he earned his Juris Doctor.  While there, he concentrated his studies on Trial Advocacy, where he was selected to compete on behalf of his school at multiple national tournaments located in Pittsburgh, PA and Washington, DC.  Prior to opening his own practice, Mark continued his fight for the underdog, taking Pro Bono cases through Philadelphia Volunteer Indigent Program (“VIP”).

Today Mark Copoulos is an experienced trial lawyer who has litigated thousands of cases in the concentrated areas of Criminal Defense and Landlord/Tenant.  He is an award-winning attorney.  In 2016 Mark Copoulos was named to the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers.  He has been repeatedly ranked as a 9.8 “Superb” attorney on the independent attorney evaluation site Avvo.Com.  In addition, he has garnered dozens of positive reviews from hundreds if not thousands of satisfied clients who have been first-hand beneficiaries of his commitment to excellence.

Mark is a personable lawyer who sees matters through the eyes of his clients.  He attributes this to his college days where he held down part-time jobs as a server.  Mr. Copoulos worked in retail in his earlier years and assisted in the management of several local businesses including a U-Haul, and men’s clothing store.

Mark treats his clients like family.  At the start of representation, Mr. Copoulos gives clients his personal cell phone number.  He answers his phone at nearly all times, and is always ready to do whatever is necessary to achieve the stated goal for his clients.

Mark Copoulos is active in the community.  He is the treasurer of the Philadelphia Criminal Law American Inn of Court.  He has provided Pro Bono legal service to the Philadelphia Volunteer Indigent Program (“VIP”), as well as the Philadelphia Support Center for Child Advocates.

What Does Winning Mean To You?

One of the first questions Mark Copoulos asks his clients is, “What does winning mean to you?”  Winning means different things to different people, in different situations.  For some winning is getting out of prison, for others it is vindication in court, for a landlord winning may be obtaining an expensive money judgment against a delinquent tenant.  Whatever your definition of winning, there is no substitute for winning.

We focus relentlessly on winning your case based on your stated definition.  We are simultaneously committed to keeping costs down and charging reasonable prices for services rendered.  There will be no mark-ups at the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos.  At the end of the attorney-client relationship if we have not won your case we have not done our job.  It is that simple.

Schedule a consultation.  Give us a call.  Before you pick up the phone understand winning means different things at different times to different people.  Be ready to answer that critical question: “What does winning mean to you?”

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