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Criminal charges can have complex, embarrassing, and potentially devastating consequences.  A defendant charged with a crime faces the prospect of jail time, heavy fines, and loss of the ability to be successful in our society.  If branded with a felony conviction, your life will be changed forever.
With so much at risk, it is critical that you speak with a quality Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer who will aggressively and zealously advocate on your behalf.  You want a lawyer who is unafraid to take cases to trial, and force the prosecution to work. Any lawyer can take a deal or settle a case, but it a takes a trial lawyer to try a case.  There is a huge distinction, and a defendant with a trial lawyer is better equipped for the challenges he faces in the courtroom.

Mark Copoulos is a dedicated courtroom advocate who has achieved success in defending misdemeanor and felony cases in the Philadelphia area.  He does not back down from a challenge, and gives every case the attention it requires to achieve the optimum outcome.  When you sit down in his office, he will discuss the objectives of your case, and what winning means to you.  He will then focus for weeks, months, or even years, to obtain the results you deserve and have come to expect.  The results may come by way of a successful motion, a not guilty verdict, or a dismissal.  Whatever the means, Mark Copoulos recognizes that the outcome is all that matters.

Our philosophy on legal representation has two tenants.  First, we provide superior service by giving our clients twenty-four seven attention.  This includes but is not limited to answering phone calls promptly, responding to text messages, visiting the prisons on a regular basis, providing discovery to criminal defendants in a timely manner, and filing all civil motions in landlord/tenant and ejectment cases at the earliest possible date (“EPD”). Second, we strive to obtain a superior outcome in your case through tenacity, attention to detail, communication, and a superior work ethic.  This strategy has enabled our firm to grow from a single office five years ago with virtually no clientele to a busy law practice that is in high demand in the greater Philadelphia area.

If you need an attorney to handle a criminal, landlord/tenant or personal injury case, call Mark D. Copoulos at (267) 535-9776 for a free consultation.  Together, we will discuss opportunities and potential outcomes that will leave you satisfied that your matter will be handled competently and in a truly excellent fashion.

Mark Copoulos, Esquire

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Mark Copoulos treats each case like a member of his own family is on trial.  He is dedicated to winning.  But he understands that winning means different things to different people.  For some winning is  getting out of prison. For others it is confronting the accused at trial. For others it is removing an unwanted family member from their home. Whatever the definition, whatever it means to you, we will strive tirelessly to meet that stated goal.

Mark Copoulos adheres to the famous Vince Lombardi’s belief that, “winning is not everything, winning is the only thing.”  We are here to win your case.  It is our mission.  And we strive tirelessly to reach our goal.  If you are in the market for a passionate advocate who will aggressively defend your rights, call Copoulos into your corner.

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Representation in Philadelphia Civil and Criminal Defense

Mark Copoulos is a highly aggressive individual who fights zealously for his clients. He makes the Prosecution or the Plaintiff work to prove their charges or claims against his clients. In many cases, the opposition is simply overwhelmed. Call Mark Copoulos for a free consultation of your legal matter.

Criminal Defense Attorney

At the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos, we understand that results matter. Our firm motto, borrowed from the legendary Packers coach Vince Lombardi, best summarizes our philosophy towards criminal defense: "Winning is not everything. Winning is the only thing."

Landlord Lawyer

The Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos has experience in Philadelphia Landlord Matters. Our firm has provided eviction and landlord services to many property managers. We work together with the client to ensure that all needs are satisfied in a timely and efficient manner.

Tenant Lawyer

The Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos has experience in Philadelphia Tenant Matters. We take very seriously our obligation to stand up for our clients, and have a record of taking our cases directly to the Court of Common Pleas to get justice.

Civil Defense Lawyer

If you are looking for a civil defense lawyer in Philadelphia, it is most likely because you’ve been sued by a predatory personal injury attorney or insurance company. You need a bold and aggressive litigator to fend off baseless claims against you.

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