Motion to Complete Sheriff Sale (Pa.R.C.P. 2327)

Motion to Complete Sheriff Sale, Philadelphia Detainer Lawyer

A motion to complete sheriff sale may finalize a sale that was not completed at auction. If you were the winning bidder at a Philadelphia Sheriff Sale but did not pay the balance due within thirty (30) days of sale, you may still be able to purchase the property. Pursuant to Pa. R.C.P. 2327 you […]

Motion to Set Aside Sheriff Sale (Pa.R.C.P. 3132)

Motion to Set Aside Sheriff Sale, Eviction Process in Philadelphia

A motion to set aside sheriff sale is a legal basis to recover properties sold at auction. In Philadelphia, owners of real estate have a legal obligation to pay taxes. If those taxes are not paid the City will enter a judgment against the property owner. If the judgments are not paid the City will […]

Right of Redemption, 53 P.S. Section 7293

Right of Redemption

Every year thousands of properties are sold at sheriff sale under tax lien foreclosure. The Office of the Sheriff of Philadelphia sells the property to collect on unpaid taxes. These properties are often sold at a fraction of their actual value. Investors are rightfully leery to purchase properties at tax lien sheriff sale because of […]

Buying Property at Sheriff Sales

Sheriff Sales

BUYING PROPERTY AT SHERIFF SALES Philadelphia sheriff sales present a great opportunity to buy property at a discount rate.  On the other hand, most properties purchased at a Philadelphia sheriff sale come with risks of squatters and related legal issues.  Therefore, an investor should tread carefully before purchasing at a Philadelphia sheriff sale. SHERIFF SALE […]