Emergency Housing Protection Act

Emergency Housing Protection Act

PHILADELPHIA EMERGENCY HOUSING PROTECTION ACT  The Philadelphia City Counsel has passed the Emergency Housing Protection Act (“EHPA”).  The city law imposes strict compliance requirements on landlords to evict tenants following the COVID-19 pandemic.  The EHPA has already been challenged by the Homeowners Association of Philadelphia (HAPCO) as unconstitutional in federal court. The EHPA was passed […]

Early Lease Termination

Lease Termination, Breaking a Lease

In Philadelphia, many tenants inquire about early lease termination.  Tenants have rights.  The rights are codified in the Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code.  Tenants also have rights under the Emergency Housing Protection Act.  Finally, Tenants have rights under Pennsylvania case law. Early Termination Protections The law guarantees tenants a covenant of quiet enjoyment and implied warranty […]

Philadelphia Tenants Rights

Philadelphia Tenants Rights, Airbnb Rental

Philadelphia Tenants Rights have expanded under recent legislation.  On October 26, 2011 Philadelphia City Council passed § 9-804 of the Philadelphia Code.  The ordinance expands tenants rights.  Under the law tenants have rights in Philadelphia Landlord/Tenant Court to contest evictions.  It is important that landlords and tenants are aware of tenant rights as they are […]

Notice to Vacate

Notice to Vacate

LEGAL REQUIREMENTS OF A NOTICE TO VACATE In Pennsylvania a landlord must terminate a lease by providing the defendant a notice to vacate.  The notice must be delivered to the tenant.  The notice must state whether the tenant is being terminated for; 1.) breach of the lease; 2.) nonpayment of rent; or 3.) termination of […]

Filing an Ejectment in Philadelphia, PA


What is an Ejectment? In Philadelphia, there are two methods to remove an unwanted individual from your property: eviction and ejectment. Evictions are applicable where there is a landlord-tenant relationship between owner and occupant. For example, if the occupant has paid rent or signed a lease with you then you must file an eviction. Ejectments […]

Evict a Tenant in Philadelphia, PA

In this blog I will discuss ten steps to evict a tenant in Philadelphia, PA. In order to evict a tenant the landlord must have a legal basis. There are three legal bases to evict a tenant: breach of lease, termination of term, and nonpayment of rent. Evict a Tenant with a Strong Lease In […]

Houston v. Analaris Homes, (PLDCL) Does Not Cover Former Tenants

Houston v. Analaris Homes, (PLDCL) Does Not Cover Former Tenants

Houston v. Analaris Homes, (PLDCL) Does Not Cover Former Tenants Houston v. Analaris Homes, (PLDCL) Does Not Cover Former Tenants: The Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas recently heard the case of Houston v. Analaris Homes, 161101449.  The case sheds light on topical issues surrounding the Philadelphia Lead Disclosure and Certification law (PLDCL).  Section 6-809 of the […]

Certificate of Rental Suitability

Certificate of Rental Suitability, Case Results, Privacy Policy

WHAT IS THE CERTIFICATE OF RENTAL SUITABILITY? The Certificate of Rental Suitability is a document certifying compliance with the Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code.  Landlord’s must provide the Certificate to the Tenant’s at the inception of the tenancy.  The Certificate of Rental Suitability can be obtained here. Under PM-102.1 the Rental Suitability must be handed to […]

Philadelphia Ejectment Lawyer

Violation of Probation Lawyer, Ejectment Lawyer

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO FILE AN EJECTMENT? A Philadelphia ejectment lawyer may recover possession of your property in four to seven months.  In Philadelphia, PA an ejectment is a legal process to remove a squatter from property.  The time frame is four months to a year depending on whether the defendant takes action. […]