Philadelphia Emergency Housing Protection Act

PHILADELPHIA EMERGENCY HOUSING PROTECTION ACT  The Philadelphia City Counsel has passed the Emergency Housing Protection Act (“EHPA”).  The city law imposes strict compliance requirements on landlords to evict tenants following the COVID-19 pandemic.  The EHPA has already been challenged by the Homeowners Association of Philadelphia (HAPCO) as unconstitutional in federal court. The EHPA was passed […]

Philly Renters Rights

On October 26, 2011 Philadelphia City Council passed § 9-804 of the Philadelphia Code.  The Ordinance provides renters with certain rights in Philadelphia Landlord/Tenant Court to contest evictions.  It is important that landlords and tenants are aware of these rights as they are increasingly enforced by the Philadelphia courts.  The Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code, Pennsylvania […]

Mark D. Copoulos

Drafting a Notice to Vacate

WHAT ARE THE LEGAL REQUIREMENTS OF A NOTICE TO VACATE? In Pennsylvania a landlord must terminate a lease by providing the defendant a notice to vacate.  The notice must be delivered to the tenant.  The notice must state whether the tenant is being terminated for; 1.) breach of the lease; 2.) nonpayment of rent; or […]

Philadelphia Landlord/Tenant Lawyer


HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO FILE AN EJECTMENT Between four and seven months in most cases. In Philadelphia, PA an ejectment is a legal process to remove a squatter from property.  The time frame is four months to a year depending on whether the defendant takes action.  For example, if the squatter is well […]