Evict a Tenant in Philadelphia, PA

Evict a Tenant

In this blog I will discuss ten steps to evict a tenant in Philadelphia, PA. In order to evict a tenant the landlord must have a legal basis. There are three legal bases to evict a tenant: breach of lease, termination of term, and nonpayment of rent. Evict a Tenant with a Strong Lease In […]

Certificate of Rental Suitability

Certificate of Rental Suitability, Case Results, Privacy Policy

WHAT IS THE CERTIFICATE OF RENTAL SUITABILITY? The Certificate of Rental Suitability is a document certifying compliance with the Philadelphia Property Maintenance Code.  Landlord’s must provide the Certificate to the Tenant’s at the inception of the tenancy.  The Certificate of Rental Suitability can be obtained here. Under PM-102.1 the Rental Suitability must be handed to […]