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Defenses to Assault Charges in Philadelphia

If you have been charged with simple assault and related charges (terroristic threats, recklessly endangering another person, possession of an instrument of a crime, you should understand there may be strong defenses available.

The government has the burden of proof in simple assault cases. This means in all assault cases the government must prove the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. This is the highest standard under the law. Assault in Pennsylvania requires causing or attempting to cause bodily injury. 18 Pa. C.S.§ 2701

Many assault cases rest on witness credibility. Thus if the complaining witness has a criminal record or was using drugs / alcohol at the time of the incident there may be a credibility defense to your assault case.

There may be a self defense theory in your assault case. Section 505 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code and Pennsylvania case law allows use of force in self defense. If you raise a self defense theory, the government must prove you were not acting in self defense beyond a reasonable doubt.

You may win the case by denying patently false charges. If the government has no evidence then you should consider testifying. A strong and adamant denial of the charges is appropriate where said charges are totally fabricated or unfounded.

Mark Copoulos has years of experience litigating simple assault, recklessly endangering another person, and terroristic threat cases in Philadelphia courtrooms. When shopping criminal lawyers look for an attorney who is ready to take the case to trial and use these defenses, along with many others.

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