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Premises Liability Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Mark Copoulos is experienced in the effective resolution of premises liability lawsuits in the City of Philadelphia when you are being sued by a predatory personal injury attorney or insurance company.

Every business that owns or occupies property has a risk of premises liability claims. No matter how proactive you are, customers or visitors on your property may sustain injuries from accidents. When this happens, you may face a premises liability lawsuit, which can be devastating to your business. The Law Office of Mark Copulos is well-versed in the law of premises liability defense in Philadelphia, and we use this knowledge to aggressively secure an optimal outcome for our clients regardless of the type of business.

From the very inception of a lawsuit, our attorneys research the current status of the law on premises liability, as it is constantly in a state of flux, and it is critical to know today’s law, and not the law that controlled a decade ago. We handle slip-and-falls, animal and dog bite cases, unfounded allegations of negligent or inadequate security and more.

Slip and Fall Legal Defense

The Law Office of Mark Copoulos offers superior legal defense with decades of experience handling all types of slip and fall lawsuits throughout the City of Philadelphia.

Accidents happen. People trip, and people fall. Unfortunately, many people necessarily equate a trip or fall on the property of another with fault of that property owner.  A slip and fall lawsuit can effectively bankrupt a property or business owner, even in cases where the negligence falls on the shoulders of the plaintiff. The Law office of Mark D. Copoulos is dedicated to ensuring that you receive proper legal representation at an affordable price.

Once a lawsuit is filed, it is essential to have experienced attorneys who know how to properly litigate a premises liability case, and take it to trial if necessary.

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