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Premises Liability Attorney

The Law Office of Mark Copoulos offers superior premises liability representation in Philadelphia when commercial property owners fall short in safety, resulting in serious injury or death.

When you enter the land or property of another, or when you are at a shopping center or other commercial establishment, you would like to believe that the area around you is safe.  However, in too many instances, the owner of a property or business knows or should know of a hazard and does nothing to prevent the hazard from posing a threat to customers and visitors.

If you are unfortunate enough to be a victim of injury resulting from negligent property management, you need an attorney who is experienced in actually litigating a case instead of just accepting a settlement.

The Law Offices of Mark D. Copoulos covers all types of premises liability cases, including but not limited to slippery floors, broken or uneven stairs, unsafe electrical equipment and negligent Security.

At the Law Offices of Mark D. Copoulos, we ensure that damages are mitigated and you are ultimately victorious in defense of your legal matter. We offer legal representation at an affordable rate that is a fraction of the price of many competitors.  Schedule a free consultation to learn how Mark Copoulos can represent you legally.

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