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Law Offices of Mark D. Copoulos

Philadelphia Tenant Defense Attorney

The Law Office of Mark Copoulos offers tenants a highly experienced legal defense when dealing with evictions in the City of Philadelphia.

If you are a tenant who is the victim of a retaliatory or unjust eviction.  We are here to help.  In Pennsylvania, landlords cannot change the locks or constructively evict a tenant without getting a judgment of possession from the courts. If the landlord tries to remove you from the property without a judgment, you are entitled to re-enter the property.

If you as a tenant report the property for defects, you cannot then be evicted on a pre-textual basis. Under the law, you may not be evicted until the property defects are repaired.

At the Law Offices of Mark D. Copoulos, we understand that your situation is emotionally draining and difficult. We offer defense at an affordable rate that is a fraction of the price of many competitors. Schedule a free consultation to learn how Mark Copoulos can successfully defend you against an illegal eviction.

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