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Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer Mark Copoulos has successfully secured thousands of favorable outcomes for his clientele charged with crimes in Philadelphia, PA for major felony cases like robberies, aggravated assault, attempted murder and related charges.

Mark D. Copoulos is a Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer located in Center City, Philadelphia at Eight Penn Center, 1628 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 1301, Philadelphia, PA 19103.  We offer free in-person consultation between 3PM-5PM on weekdays by appointment only.  Our rates are competitive and generally contemplate a flat-rate for the representation rather than hourly rates.  Early in his career Copoulos watched older lawyers bilk clients out of thousands of dollars inflating their hours for phone calls and coffee breaks.  Throughout his career Copoulos has remained committed to flat-rate representation, except in cases that highly specialized or require unusual amounts of attention.  Copoulos is available to his clients on weekends and after 5PM.

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Philly Criminal Lawyer Mark D. Copoulos has successfully obtained verdicts of Not Guilty in countless cases.

Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer Mark Copoulos has won cases other attorneys refuse to try.  Since 2012 Copoulos has demonstrated his total commitment to the client, by answering his phone at all hours, visiting clients in the prison, and most importantly winning cases for the people who have hired him.  While not every case is necessarily winnable, Copoulos speaks in-depth with the prospective client at the intake about their particular objectives of his representation.  One of his favorite questions to the client is, “What does winning mean to you?”  In some cases it’s a shorter prison sentence, other times it may mean a not guilty verdict, for landlords it may be a prompt eviction, for property owners a prompt ejectment.  The critical differentiator of our practice is a committed and personalized approach to your case that is supported by the talent and experience of a seasoned litigator.

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Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer Mark D. Copoulos adds massive value in civil and criminal matters.  If you have been charged with a crime or are seeking prompt removal of an unwanted individual from your property through eviction or ejectment, contact us for personalized and effective representation.

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