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You deserve an attorney who is going to passionately advocate for you. The attorney should exploit every legal avenue in your defense. This assistance should not be cost prohibitive. Everyone is entitled to excellent representation at a reasonable price.
Mark Copoulos is a criminal defense and landlord/tenant attorney based in Philadelphia, PA.  With a reputation as tenacious, smart, and hard-working, Mark Copoulos resolves cases others refuse to take.  If you have been told you cannot afford a lawyer, call our office.  If you have been told that your case cannot be won, call our office.  If you feel like the Public Defender is ignoring you, call our office.  Attorney Copoulos will handle your case personally.  He gives his clients 24/7 contact, and together they work towards successful resolution of their matter.  While no attorney can guarantee to win a case, Mark is confident he will reach an outcome that will leave you satisfied with the result.  Call Mark Copoulos into your corner.

Unparalleled Focus on the Client

The Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos was founded on our commitment to the client.  We pride ourselves on unparalleled service. Our firm answers all incoming calls from clients, at all hours, and strives to promptly resolve your legal issue.

In real estate matters, this means filing the ejectment or eviction at the earliest possible date (“EPD”) to get the property back in your name.

In criminal matters, this means getting up to the prison within twenty-four (24) hours of being retained to meet the client. It means filing motions at the earliest possible date “EPD” to keep the case moving. It means getting fast court dates, and striving to resolve your case as soon as possible without sacrificing quality.

In all cases, it means being there for follow up consultations, being available to answer your telephone calls or questions, and responding to emails. We do not ignore our clients. We treat them like our most cherished asset. The Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos is the premiere service based law firm in City of Philadelphia.

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Our goal is simple: Fast resolution of your case, in a way that is satisfactory to you, at a price that is simply unbeatable. If you are interested in our rates for specific cases, please contact us today. While we many not provide our pricing via phone or email, we promise to provide a flat-rate quote at the first sit-down with the client.

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