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Veterans Court For Philadelphia DUI Cases

DUI cases have serious implications.  While the effects of a first-time DUI are not life altering, a second or third offense can have a dramatic impact.  By way of illustration, the mandatory sentence for a second offense highest tier is ninety (90) days in jail.  This three month period of incarceration can change your life.

The critical imperative for DUI Second and Third Offenses is to avoid prison time.  This is sometimes achieved by challenging the states evidence at trial.  It can also be achieved through rehabilitative programs that have become more popular and more forgiving in recent years.  Veterans Court is one such program that enables an offender to potentially avoid a lengthy prison sentence.  Qualified applicants are individuals who have served their country in the military.  In lieu of incarceration, defendants are asked to submit to drug and alcohol counseling and/or therapy.  Often times the defendants issues with alcohol relate to Post Traumatic Stress suffered during their military service.

If you have been charged with DUI and have military experience, speak with an attorney about the possibility of enrollment in Veterans Court.  You may avoid a prison sentence and have an opportunity to reform you life.  Enlistees in the Court are treated with great respect, and also have an opportunity to share experiences with other former military personnel.  To speak with a lawyer about enrollment in Veterans Court, contact the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos.  Our firm can be reached at 267-535-9776.