New Case Law Renders Blood Results Inadmissible

The case law in Pennsylvania has changed.  Traditionally, blood results of a drivers .BAC (blood alcohol content) were admissible at trial.  The evidence was often devastating to defendants as it proved to a degree of scientific certainty the defendant was intoxicated.  However, recent case law has rendered virtually all .BAC results taken with O’Connell Warnings […]

Veterans Court For Philadelphia DUI Cases

DUI cases have serious implications.  While the effects of a first-time DUI are not life altering, a second or third offense can have a dramatic impact.  By way of illustration, the mandatory sentence for a second offense highest tier is ninety (90) days in jail.  This three month period of incarceration can change your life. […]


Even if proper procedures are correctly followed in a blood or breath test, blood alcohol analysis is not a perfect process.  It is generally recognized by scientists the .BAC testing has a inherent or built in “error factor.  Some experts will testify to a ten percent (10%) margin of error for a blood test at […]

Copoulos Gets ARD For Ineligible Client

Attorney Copoulos successfully applied for ARD on behalf of his DUI client.  Client, KJ, was ineligible because of previous charges of Possession of a Controlled Substance.  Copoulos wrote a letter to the DA asking them to reconsider KJ’s ineligibility.  KJ and her attorney filed a complete packet of referrals and letters from employers and other […]

Philadelphia Police Officer Arrested for DUI

A Philadelphia Police officer is facing several charges after damaging a police vehicle and allegedly driving under the influence. Police have identified the officer as 26-year-old Darryl Cathey, a six-year-veteran of the force. Just after midnight Saturday, police say a 12th district officer approached Cathey’s marked police vehicle on the 6500 block of Woodland Avenue. […]

DUI Second Offense Dismissed (Defendant Walks)

Defendant was charged with Driving Under the Influence – Second Offense.  If convicted, defendant faced a mandatory minimum sentence of ninety days incarceration, a $1,500.00 fine, Alcohol Highway Safety School, an eighteen month license suspension, Ignition Interlock, and a drug and alcohol assessment. Defendant wished to plead guilty.  However, after a lengthy discussion, defendant changed […]

Here is Why You Should Reject ARD And Fight Your Case.

At a Philadelphia Continuing Legal Education (CLE) class, I overhead a lawyer tell another lawyer, “Whenever ARD is offered, you should always take the deal.”  He is wrong. ARD stands for Alternative Rehabilitative Disposition.  It is a program offered by the district attorney to most first-time DUI offenders. The defendant pays court costs, attends classes, and […]

5 Great Tips For DUI Stops

Be polite & courteous to police; You have a right to remain silent; You have a right to refuse sobriety tests; If you refuse the tests, your license will be suspended for one year; and Contact a DUI attorney. Don’t try to represent yourself.