Attorney Copoulos Enters Top 100 Trial Lawyers

Last week Attorney Copoulos was accepted into the Top 100 National Trial Lawyers.  The organization is an elite group of dedicated courtroom advocates whose mission is to promote excellence in the legal profession through advocacy training, networking and education of trial lawyers.  The program accepts members based on their strong training, exceptional qualifications, talent and ability. […]

What Happens at a PFA Hearing?

In Pennsylvania, an individual may seek protection from unwanted behavior by filing a Protection from Abuse or PFA.  According to Section 6102 of the Pennsylvania Code, the Protection Order can be applied to “family or household members, sexual or intimate partners or persons who share biological parenthood.” Therefore, there must be a prior relationship to […]

Compulsory Joinder in Criminal Cases

Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyers on Compulsory Joinder The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has recently decided the case of Commonwealth v. Perfetto, No. 7 EAP 2018.  In the case, the court held that Subsection 11(1)(ii) of the compulsory joinder statute bars multiple prosecutions for the same criminal act.  This is particularly relevant in cases where defendants were issued […]

Philadelphia Airbnb Rentals

Licensing Requirements for Airbnb Rentals

Airbnb is treated differently than standard property rentals in Philadelphia, PA.  Individuals renting property for less than ninety (90) days per year are subject to less stringent licensing requirements.  The Philadelphia City Planning Commission recently addressed this issue.  Section 14-604 of the Code is effectively an “Airbnb Ordinance.”  Per the Ordinance, short term rental properties are are exempt from Philadelphia licensing […]

Defendant Found NOT GUILTY of Drug Sale

Defendant, R.C., was charged with Possession With Intent to Deliver 35 § 780-113 §§ A30, Conspiracy 18 § 903, and Intentional Possession of a Controlled Substance 35 § 780-113 §§A16.  If convicted, R.C. faced a parole violation.  Faced with the possibility of imminent incarceration, R.C. contacted the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos to fight […]

New Procedure in Philly Evictions

The Philadelphia Municipal Court has changed the procedure for filing complaints in landlord and tenant court.  Under the new procedures, filing landlords are screened for compliance with Philadelphia ordinances.  Before filing the complaint the prospective plaintiff must certify compliance with Section 9-3902 of the Philadelphia Code by having a valid Rental License.  The landlord must […]

Philadelphia Reviewing Anti-Squatting Bill, 170827

The Philadelphia City Council is debating a new ordinance that may dramatically change the landscape of Philadelphia landlord and tenant law.  Council member David Oh has introduced Bill No. 170827.  Under the Bill, ejectment procedures in Philadelphia would be shortened dramatically.  The Bill proposes using the Philadelphia Police to resolve ejectment actions, rather than the […]

What is the Philadelphia Lead Disclosure Law

Mark Copoulos is a civil defense trial lawyer in Philadelphia, PA.  One the sorts of cases he handles on a regular basis is Philadelphia Anti Lead Ordinance claims. The Philadelphia Lead Paint and Disclosure Law requires landlords to lead inspect properties built before 1978, where the property is being rented to an individual with children […]