DUI Second Offense Dismissed ( Defendant Walks )

DUI Second Offense Dismissed ( Defendant Walks )

DUI Second Offense Dismissed ( Defendant Walks ): Defendant was charged with Driving Under the Influence – Second Offense.  If convicted, defendant faced a mandatory minimum sentence of ninety days incarceration, a $1,500.00 fine, Alcohol Highway Safety School, an eighteen month license suspension, Ignition Interlock, and a drug and alcohol assessment. Defendant wished to plead guilty.  However, after a lengthy discussion, defendant changed her plea and demanded a trial.

The case was listed repeatedly without incident.  At the first listing the Commonwealth failed to provide mandatory discovery.  The next listing the police officer failed to appear.  At the third listing, the police again failed to appear. Finally, after four listings the case was withdrawn without prejudice.

Defendant’s decision to fight ultimately resulted in no penalties. This result is not typical or indicative of the outcome in other cases.  Defendant walked out of the courtroom for the last time. It turns out the mandatory minimum was not mandatory after all.


Attorney Copoulos is a tenacious litigator.  He gets results with aggressiveness and persistence.  For this defendant it was persistence that paid.  Call Mark Copoulos for a free consultation of your matter.  He is Philadelphia’s top-ranked and affordable criminal defense lawyer.

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