Not Guilty of Child Endangerment

Not Guilty of Child Endangerment

Defendant Found Not Guilty of Child Endangerment: Defendant, J.S. was charged with Endangering the Welfare of Children.  Her three year old child was found running the hallways of her apartment complex.  A neighbor called the police.  The police arrived and could not find the child’s mother.  J.S. returned home from work and was promptly arrested.  She was charged with endangering her son.  Specifically, the Office of the District Attorney alleged that J.S. should not have left her child alone.  J.S. told the police she was only gone for one hour.  Nevertheless, she was arrested and charged like a common criminal.

J.S. contacted the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos.  She informed Mr. Copoulos she did not want to take a deal.  Even if the DA offered a program that would avoid a criminal record, she wanted to fight the case.  J.S. was adamant she did nothing wrong.  Plus J.S. could not afford to pay the fines and costs associated with taking a program.  Copoulos and J.S. got ready for trial.

In anticipation of trial, Copoulos obtained J.S.’s medical records.  The records showed the J.S. suffered from anemia and lupus.  In the police reports, J.S. informed police she left her child to get her medication at work. (J.S. worked fifty plus hours per week at Burger King).  J.S. testified that on the day in question she was having a medical attack.  Her lupus was aggravated and she was without her medication.  The severity of her condition made it impossible for her to wake up her son.  She needed her medication fast.  J.S. drove twenty minutes to her job.  She got her medication and she went home.

At trial, Copoulos elicited testimony from the responding police officer.  The officer admitted J.S. told him about the medical attack.  Attorney Copoulos admitted evidence showing J.S.’s lupus and anemia was well documented.  J.S. then took the stand.  She testified emotionally that she loved her child.  She spoke to the difficulty of having a medical condition like lupus.  Finally, she describe in detail what it’s like to have a medical emergency.  She explained to the judge that she drove to get her medication.  She immediately drove straight home.  J.S. had not responded to police calls to her cell phone because they were from a blocked number.

Mark Copoulos then called J.S.’s mother to testify.  Her mom testified that J.S. had a character and reputation for being a law-abiding citizen.  The judge heard closing arguments and immediately found J.S. not guilty of all charges.  J.S. walked out of court a free woman and left a five-star review for the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos.

If you have been charged with a crime, do not settle for a program if you are innocent.  Contact the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos for a free no-obligation opportunity to discuss your case. Once you are aware of your options you can decide what is right for you.  In many cases, such as J.S.’s situation, the DA brings charges they cannot necessarily prove beyond a reasonable doubt.  Many people assume that everyone charged with a crime is guilty.  J.S. was not guilty.  She was a good mother who had a medical emergency.  There was no threat to her child.  You have a right to have your story heard by an impartial judge.  Make them hear you.  Make them hear your case.  Call now for a free consultation.

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