Copoulos Hangs Jury, Obtains Not Guilty Verdict in Philadelphia, PA Robbery Case

Copoulos Hangs Jury, Obtains Not Guilty Verdict in Philadelphia, PA Robbery Case

Our firm is pleased to announce a not guilty verdict on the counts of Robbery, Theft, Simple Assault, and Conspiracy – Simple Assault in the matter of Commonwealth v. R.M.  The outcome is heralded as a victory for the Defendant who will return to trial on lesser offenses following the hearing.

Mark Copoulos successfully defended felony robbery charges following a five day jury trial at the Criminal Justice Center.

The five day jury trial included testimony from multiple offers and the complaining witness who did not identify R.M. at the scene.  While the government attempted to link R.M. to the crime based on cell phone date the jury was not convinced.  In his closing statement Copoulos argued that the government failed to meet their burden.  The jury agreed on most of the charges and the defendant continues to enjoy his presumption of innocence.

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