Bail Reduction for Firearm

Bail Reduction for Firearm

Defendant, K.J., faced a massive dilemma after his Preliminary Hearing.  He was charged with gun possession and the offer on his case was two and a half to five years incarceration in a state institution.  The option was unacceptable.  He knew he had to fight his case.  K.J. contacted his mother who contacted Attorney Mark D. Copoulos.  Attorney Copoulos listened to the facts of the case.  K.J. was being charged with Possession of a Firearm underneath the front seat of a vehicle.  K.J. was sitting in the back seat at the time of the stop.  During an altercation with the car’s driver, K.J. remained calm and collected in the back seat.  He never reached for the firearm underneath the seat.

K.J. waited in eager anticipation for his trial date.  Attorney Copoulos was ready at every listing, but the case was continued multiple times.  The court requested a continuance and the Office of the District Attorney continued the case.  Finally, the case was ready for trial.  Minutes before trial the District Attorney offered K.J. immediate release.  The District Attorney strengthened the offer by agreeing to lift K.J.’s detainer on an unrelated gun case.  The effect was immediate release from prison following the plea.  Instead of serving thirty months, K.J. served sixteen.

K.J. accepted the generous offer and is awaiting immediate release.  If you are facing a firearms charge, especially Possession of Firearm Prohibited, Firearms not to be Carried Without a License, or Carrying Firearms Public in Philadelphia, contact Attorney Mark D. Copoulos.  It is critical that you mount an aggressive defense.  Being ready for trial is the first step positioning yourself towards maximum advantage.  Use the ‘Contact Us” form on this website to schedule a free consultation

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