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UPDATE: Not Guilty in Possession With Intent to Deliver; Possession of Marijuana Case (Jan 21, 2016 Trial)

Mark Copoulos obtained another not guilty verdict this week.  Defendant was charged with Possession With Intent to Deliver Marijuana, and possession of a substantial amount of same.  Pennsylvania State Troopers stopped the defendant’s vehicle on I-76 for speeding.  Defendant was the passenger in the vehicle.  The car was searched and Marijuana and over $10,000.00 USC was found in a backpack.

At trial, it was established that the backpack belonged to the driver.  Not only did the driver take responsibility for owning the bag, but his personal belongings were found in the bag, along with drugs and other paraphernalia.  The judge found defendant not guilty before he took the stand to testify, informing counsel that additional witnesses were not necessary in this case!

Defendant walked out of court vindicated, without a criminal record.  If he had accepted the offer of treatment court pushed on him by the public defender, he would have had years of courts dates.  Instead his case was efficiently and quickly resolved.  The expungement is being processed.

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