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The Seriousness of Robbery Charges in PA

Robbery is a very serious charge.  If convicted, the defendant is facing almost certain jail time.  Factual circumstances differ so much that this is not a guarantee.  Nevertheless, the elements of Robbery illustrate why it is such a serious offense.

To prove Robbery the state must show that the defendant:

  1. inflicted bodily injury on the victim; [or]
  2. threatened the victim with immediate bodily injury; [or]
  3. intentionally put the victim in fear of immediate bodily injury; or
  4. took or removed money from a financial institution without the permission of the financial institution by making a demand of any employee of the financial institution orally or in writing with the intent to deprive the financial institution of the money.

Second – the state must show the defendant did this during a theft.  See: PA Jury Instructions 

Bodily injury is the impairment of physical condition or substantial pain.  For example, a slap on the wrist would not qualify as bodily injury for purposes of the statute.  Speak with a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer about possible affirmative defenses to the crime of Robbery, and strategies for beating this charge at trial.  For a free consultation call the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos at (267) 535-9776.