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Tenant Stays at Property Despite Eviction

Three disgruntled tenants came to Mark Copoulos with a serious problem.  Their landlord was evicting them for termination of the term.  They paid their rent timely but the landlord simply wanted to rent the property to someone else.  For the tenants this was a severe inconvenience.  Tenant, K.Y., had children and could not afford to relocate.  K.Y. called Mark Copoulos to evaluate her options.

In a free consultation, K.Y. discovered her Landlord did not have a Housing License.  He was not renting the property legally.  In addition, K.Y. informed Mr. Copoulos there were problems with the electrical and plumbing in the unit.  Attorney Copoulos advised K.Y. to dial #311 for Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections.  K.Y. called L & I who came out and noted substantial violations of the Philadelphia Housing Code.  With these violations, K.Y.’s position improved dramatically as her court date approached.

On the date of trial, the Landlord was forced to withdraw the case.  The Landlord’s attorney had not filed for an eviction by termination.  Instead he had filed for an eviction for nonpayment of rent.  The attorney’s failure to file the proper basis made the case impossible for the landlord.  The case was closed and K.Y. continues to reside at the property with her children.

If you are a tenant living in unreasonable conditions, or facing off against a despotic landlord, contact the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos.  We understand Philadelphia Landlord Tenant Court, and can help you navigate the legal system to obtain the best possible results.  For a free consultation, call us at 267-535-9776.