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Teacher Walks Free on Dismissed Assault Case

Defendant, G.I. faced a litany of criminal charges stemming from an alleged sexual encounter with her student. The student, a fourteen year old male, solicited G.I. on Instagram.  G.I. and the adolescent met at a McDonald’s where oral sex was performed.  The student reported the incident to his mother, who promptly called the police.  Following the report to Philadelphia Police, G.I. was arrested and charged with felonies including Statutory Sexual Assault, Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse, Unlawful Contact With a Minor, and other lesser offenses.  If convicted, G.I. faced the prospect of hard prison time.

The case proceeded to a Preliminary Hearing.  At the Hearing, the student testified he actively solicited G.I.  Attorney Copoulos established the adolescent placed pressured G.I. to perform the sex act.  The turning point occurred on cross-examination where student testified he ordered G.I. to “do her job.”

Several statements were admitted showing coercive pressure on G.I..  After careful deliberation, the judge dismissed the entire case.  His honor specifically held that it was unclear with G.I. intended to commit any act whatsoever.  Instead of facing years in prison, G.I. walked out of the courthouse without any further obligations under this case.  Attorney Copoulos will file to expunge her criminal record next week.

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