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Sex-Offender Registration in Pennsylvania

The stigma of a sex-offense is a lifetime punishment.  It does not end when the prison doors open, or the bracelet comes off your leg, or the probation officer says goodbye and, “stay out of trouble.”

A state sex-offender must register in the state sex offender registry (“the registry”). Once registered, the offender will be ostracized from public programs like subsidized (HUD) housing.  The registry is public information. The registry will include all of your personal information, like name, address, physical descriptions, and even compliance level with the programs.

Forget about future employment opportunities, unless you want to work in a kitchen.  The registry does not tell your story.  It does not mention that your plead “Not Guilty.”  It fails to include whether you have sought treatment.  It doesn’t state whether you are on medication and actively addressing your problem.

You are simply branded as an offender.

If you have been charged but not convicted, do what you can to salvage your name.  Sit down with a Philadelphia criminal lawyer to discuss all of your options.  They may be few.  Depending on the facts, they may be extensive.  What is important is that you know your options.  Pleading guilty to a sex-offense without a full awareness of the attached stigma is foolish.

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