Legal Updates

Rule Number 1 in Criminal Defense

You have a constitutional right to remain silent.  Use it.  Thousands of defendants give police the necessary evidence to build a case against them.  Without their own statement, the state would not have probable cause to arrest.

As attorney Mactaz suggests, nothing good can come from giving a statement to police.  If charged, your case will become exponentially harder to win.  Your options will be limited at trial.  If you testify, the statement may be used against you.

People give statements to police because they feel like they must.  The police are authoritarian figures.  They wear uniforms and badges.  They are respectable members of the community.  They may compel an instinctive obedience.

When you are confronted by police, it is critical that you use your head.  This is very difficult to do when your personal interests are involved.  This is why anyone being interrogated by police should talk to their lawyer first.  You cannot be objective about your own personal interests. Call us for more information.