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Recent Shootings In Philadelphia Highlight Lingering Inequality

In thirty-six short hours, six people in Philadelphia were killed.  One man was shot and killed in an apparent theft. Another body was found wrapped in a basement.  There was another shooting at the 6100 block of Walton Avenue. On Saturday, a man was stabbed to death at 4000 Girard Avenue.  The fatalities go on.

What is particularly tragic about these shootings, is that they always occur in the same locations in Philadelphia.  As a result, millions of everyday Philadelphians are oblivious to the deaths occurring in their midst.  In certain parts of the city, shootings are a relatively common event.  In other parts of the city, they simply do not happen.

It is in the bad neighborhoods, that children are raised into criminals.  Imagine being born into a neighborhood where people die on the street corner on a regular basis.  Imagine knowing that you could be the next fatality.  Children born into these situations have very limited options.  They go to school knowing that they could be next.  They know people who are incarcerated.  Incarceration is a way of life.

This trend needs to be broken if the city is going to live up to its promise.  Shootings in certain areas cannot be deemed acceptable because the fortunate need not witness the carnage.  

The law demands that all people be held accountable for their actions.  If the law is to live up to its promise, we as a People must ensure, that everyone under the law has a chance to grow up in a safe environment.

If you have been charged with a crime, contact The Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos to know your options.  We will protect your rights, irrespective of what part of the city you hail from.