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Prisoners Endure Harsh Conditions in Philadelphia Prisons

The conditions in Philadelphia Prisons vary considerably. First-time offenders serving a jail sentence at Alternative and Special Detention (ASD), may report good conditions.  On the other hand, many prisoners in the general population report overcrowding, terrible food, and limited medical treatment. The overcrowding issue in Philadelphia prisons is well known.  Some inmates are sleeping in rooms not designed as cells because the facility is at maximum capacity.

Other inmates report terrible food and limited medical attention.  The standard meal at many of the prisons is processed meat with cheese on white bread.  The food is devoid of any real nutritional value. Finally, many of the inmates say they cannot get the treatment they need due to overcrowding and other issues.

The harsh conditions in Philadelphia prisons reinforces the idea that it should be a last resort.  Judges should not sentence a defendant to prison, unless rehabilitation is impossible.  Treatment programs, both outpatient and inpatient, give the individual a chance to recover rather than suffer in a oft times degrading environment.

Many Philadelphia judges understand the prison dynamic: specifically, that the harsh conditions make individuals more likely to reoffend.  Most people don’t need to go to prison.  Most people need support, rehabilitation, and the tools necessary to reform their life.  Increasingly, judges and district attorneys are coming to understand this dynamic.

If you have been charged with a crime, you need an attorney who understands the degrading nature of prisons.  Mark Copoulos has visited all of the prisons in Philadelphia County, and works extremely hard to get his clients out of prison, or to provide them options that include rehabilitative programs rather than incarceration.  To speak with an attorney, call the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos. We can be reached at 267-535-9776.