Legal Updates

Police Officer Prosecuted For Lying on the Stand

The vast majority of police officers are good men and women who uphold the law.  Unfortunately, there are some who abuse their power.  These rogue officers threaten the civil liberties of everyday people.  Some cops lie on the witness stand.  In their eyes, those lies are justified because the defendant is a criminal.  In reality, the bad cops are just as criminal as the defendants they are accusing.

Officer Christopher Hulmes, 42, a member of the Narcotics Strike Force is charged with perjury, or lying on the stand.  He has testified in hundreds of Philadelphia cases against defendants facing criminal charges. There are people in jail because of statements Hulmes made under oath.

The arrests follow public distress over the Philadelphia Police Department.  The below protest was filmed yesterday in Philadelphia.  The protestors can be heard shouting, “Who do you protect? Who do you serve? Do you protect me sir?”