Legal Updates

Pa. C.S. Section 2709.1: Stalking

Stalking is a serious charge in Pennsylvania.  To convict the defendant of stalking, the State must prove:

1.  That the defendant engaged in a course of conduct (more than one act of a period of time, however short) that conveyed to the victim that such conduct would continue; or 

2. Repeatedly committed acts that cause severe emotional distress  and/or reasonable fear of bodily injury; or 

3. Repeatedly communicated to the alleged victim; and did so under circumstances that demonstrated an intent to put the victim in reasonable fear of bodily injury; or intended to cause emotional distress. 

Emotional distress is defined as a “temporary or permanent state of mental anguish.”  ”Bodily injury” means an impairment of physical condition or substantial pain.  (PA Jury Instructions; Pa. C.S. S. 2709.1, Winning at Trial).

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