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Moving on From The Past – Expungements

Our future is impacted by our past.  The actions we take today have ripples into tomorrow.  Yesterday’s actions, while irreversible, reverberate into our future years.  

This is especially true where you have been convicted of a Misdemeanor or Felony offense.  Anyone with access to a background check has access to this information.  Additionally, in Pennsylvania anyone with an internet connection can view your criminal docket, and ascertain your criminal charges.  Sometimes these crimes happened decades ago.  Nevertheless, an employer may have access to this public information.  Speak with a Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer at the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos to seal and delete all evidence of a prior criminal record.  Note that only certain individuals are eligible for expungements.

Our firm can likely help you secure an expungement where:

  • You completed the terms of a rehabilitative program that did not require a guilty plea; 
  • If you have a summary offense conviction that is 5 or more years old and have not been arrested since;
  • You were found Not Guilty of a Misdemeanor or Felony charge.

In most situations, an expungement is not practical.  However, in the above examples and under some other specific circumstances, you may be expungement eligible.  Come in for a free consultation.  Together we will review your criminal record, and ascertain whether we can get it sealed from public view forever.

Filing for an expungement is a technical process that requires knowledge of the law, and an appearance in court before a judge.  An attorney who is experienced in filing expungements will save you time and may increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.  Call the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos to speak with a Philadelphia criminal defense lawyer about getting your record expunged.

And leave the past where it belongs.