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Motion to Terminate Probation in Philadelphia, PA

If you have served more than one (1) year on probation without any technical or direct violations, you may be eligible for a motion to terminate probation early.  Our firm litigates motions to terminate probation on a regular basis.  Our attorneys recently litigated a successful motion to termination probation on behalf of A.C.

A.C. was charged with Possession of Firearms, Tamper Records or ID-Writing, Firearm Ownership – Providing False Information, and related offense.  While represented by the public defender A.C. pled guilty and was sentenced to four year reporting probation. A.C. was only twenty-one (21) years old when the incident occurred.  He resolved to turn his life around while on probation.

A.C. was tired of waiting in line at the Philadelphia Probation Office. He hired Copoulos to terminate his probation two years early.

Over the next two years A.C. started a successful business, paid his costs and fines, and stayed out of trouble. After two years A.C. contacted Mark Copoulos to file a motion to terminate probation.  Copoulos filed the motion to terminate a full two (2) years before A.C. was set to complete his probation. At the motion hearing the Court applauded A.C. for building a business, writing a book, staying out of trouble, and paying his costs and fines. As a reward for his good behavior the Honorable Court terminated A.C.’s probation two years early.

If you are serving an excessive period of probation and have incurred no violations, contact the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos to file a motion to terminate probation.  Even if you prior violations you may be eligible for termination if you have gone one (1) year without a technical or direct violation. Our firm will obtain a hearing date with seven to ten days. At the hearing you will have a chance to explain to the judge why probation should be terminated. Our firm has litigated such motions with success. You may also be able to ask the judge for community service hours in lieu of probation.

A.C. is now filing Philadelphia Partial Expungement petition through Copoulos Law with the objective of removing all records of arrest and conviction including multiple felony offenses, except for a lone misdemeanor charge. Our attorneys are ready to assist you in putting your criminal record behind you. Call us now for a free consultation at 267.535.9776.

*PLEASE NOTE* Case results depend on a variety of factors. The successful outcome described herein may not be indicated of the same outcome for your case. Schedule a free consultation for a individualized assessment of whether early termination motion is applicable.