Legal Updates

Judicial Candidates Endorsed by Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos

Attorney Copoulos is an active member of the Philadelphia Bar and greater legal community.  He has had the opportunity to meet first-hand many of the candidates for the upcoming judicial election.  Attorney Copoulos wholeheartedly supports the following candidates, and believes they would make excellent, qualified judges:

Zac is a talented young lawyer who tried thousands of criminal cases.  He would be a welcome addition to the bench.  He brings knowledge, experience, and integrity to his personal dealings.

Judge Vincent Melchiorre has over thirty years trial experience as a Personal Injury lawyer.  He is fair minded, tough, and politically savvy.  He is welcome addition to the bench.

James Berardinelli has experience on both sides of the bar.  He is a veteran of the legal system.  He brings experience and common sense to the judicial position.