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Jordan Harris Pushes Expungement Bill 

Convictions are devastating to professional development. They hurt chances of employment, carry negative connotations, and make building a successful life in society difficult. Many authors and social activists believe that convictions have a disproportionately negative effect on the African American community.

Jordan Harris
Jordan Harris is credited with pushing the bill into legislation.

Young African American men and women are arrested and convicted in higher numbers than other races. The result is a caste system that perpetuates itself, making it more difficult for young black men and women to find work.

A new bill passed by the Senate and enacted by Governor Wolf addresses this crisis. The law, formerly known as Senate Bill 166, will allow individuals to petition to expunge criminal records. This is an unprecedented development that brings a seismic change to the legal system. Traditionally, the only expungement eligible individuals were people who beat their cases, were adjudicated delinquent as a minor, or pled guilty to a summary offense.

Under the new law, convicts can petition to clear their record where the conviction is a non-violent misdemeanor, and the defendant has had no contacts with the criminal system for ten years.

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