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How to Pick a Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer

There are certain factors that are important to consider in choosing a criminal defense lawyer.  At The Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos, we believe that exceeding our client’s expectations in the hallmark of excellence.  We strive to represent all of our clients with the tenacity and integrity necessary to succeed in today’s complex world.  Here are some of the factors we consider critical in choosing a criminal defense lawyer.

Proven Track Record.  The attorney should have a track record. He should be able to provide you with a background of cases that establishes his expertise in the relevant area.

Personable.  Your lawyer is your representative in the courtroom. He should be personable, and passionate. He should have both style and charisma. you attorney should relate to you on a fundamental, human level. It is critical that your lawyer has a force of personality to animate your case.

Aggressive.  Your lawyer should be an aggressive advocate. You want a forceful litigator to argue the merits of your case.

Affordable.  Your attorney should come at a reasonable price. In the legal field, price does not always connote value. Your lawyer should not be prohibitively expensive.

Committed to YOU.  Perhaps the most important factor in evaluating a lawyer, is considering his loyalty with respect to the particular merits of your case.  If the attorney is not committed to your action, then he will not be a zealous advocate. Sit down with the lawyer you are considering. Ask yourself, why is he taking this case? Does he care about me? The answer to both these questions should be, “Yes.”

We look forward to providing you with excellent legal services.