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Frequently Made Motions in Municipal Court Criminal Cases

A motion is an oral or written request made to the court for a ruling, or an order, on a particular point. A motion can be made before, during, or after a trial. It’s a common court procedure for deciding issues that come up during the course of a lawsuit.

  • Motion to suppress physical evidence, identification evidence or evidence of a confession or statement;
  • Motion to suppress evidence of an officer’s observation, scientific tests, or .BAC results
  • Motion in limine to disallow use of the .BAC blood test due to failure to conform to DOT regulations
  • Motion to dismiss for violation of Rule 1013 (the prompt trial rule)
  • Motion to dismiss for lack of prosecution by the Commonwealth. Local Rule 800
  • Motion to dismiss for failure to provide discovery. Local Rule 558
  • Motion to dismiss as a de minimis infraction
  • Motion to dismiss for violation of due process of law due to delay between criminal act and arrest
  • Motion to dismiss for violation of double jeopardy
  • Motion to produce police informant as an eyewitness
  • Motion to reveal confidential surveillance location
  • Motion for reweigh of drugs in mandatory amount cases

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