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Edwards Steps Back Into The Arena

“The reason we formed this firm is because we all believe in the same thing — in standing up for the disenfranchised and those who need an equal chance,”
-John Edwards, Former Candidate for President of the United States, Senator of North Carolina, Trial lawyer

Before John Edwards was a presidential candidate, he was a trial lawyer.  Renowned for his ability to persuade juries, Edwards accumulated multiple million dollar verdicts.  

In 1984, John Edwards was assigned to a medical malpractice case that was considered unwinnable. He worked 22 hour days for weeks straight, and did the unthinkable.  After winning a $3.7 million dollar lawsuit for his client who suffered brain and nerve damage, he followed up with three lawsuits against the American Red Cross, for transmitting aids to clients through tainted blood products.  His career was born, and he went on to win numerous other fights on behalf of The People who were severely wronged by substandard care at the hands of doctors.

Edwards was elected Senator of North Carolina, was a nominee for Vice President in 2004, and ran an unsuccessful bid for president in 2008.  The underlying theme of his campaign was always to fight for the people.  Maybe this was because his father worked as a textile mill floor worker in his early childhood, and his mother was a postal letter carrier.  Here is a politician and a person who was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

John Edwards return to personal injury law is a win for The People.  If you are a resident of Pennsylvania, and have faced wrongful care at the hands of a doctor or professional, contact The Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos for a free consultation.  Like Edwards, our firm is built on the philosophy that all People, textile workers, postal carriers, disenfranchised, poor, black and white, deserve and need an equal chance under the law.

Our firm was founded explicitly to provide an opportunity for legal redress to the disenfranchised citizens of Philadelphia, who cannot afford the exorbitant prices of some lawyers in this city.  If you need a lawyer, contact my office and ask to speak to Mark D. Copoulos.

My mother was a teacher.  Like Edwards, my father never made a lot of money and sometimes had to scrape to keep food on the table.  I know what it feels like to be in your situation.  And I will fight, 22 hours a day if necessary, to get you the justice that you deserve.