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DUI Case in Philadelphia Dismissed

HW came into the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos with a sense of outrage.  He was stopped by the police. When stopped, the police told him, “you look like you smoke a lot of weed.” HW believed this comment was in reference to his skin color and long hair.  HW believed he was racially profiled. After the stop, the officers made other comments insinuating HW was presumptively guilty.  The police told HW, “We know what you’ve been doing. You’re a college kid.”  HW was arrested for DUI – Controlled Substance, First Offense.

HW refused to accept an offer of Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (“ARD”).  He contacted Mark D. Copoulos.  They sat down and pieced together an irrefutable case.  By the end of trial preparations, three witnesses were ready to testify. With a mountain of evidence in support of HW, Attorney Copoulos reported to court ready.

After multiple listings, the District Attorney failed to provide discovery.  The case was marked “Must Be Tried.” On the following date, the arresting officer failed to appear.  The case was dismissed for lack of prosecution.  HW suffered no penalties whatsoever.  He was vindicated; a free man.

If you have been wrongfully stopped by the police, contact the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos.  We work tirelessly to gather the necessary evidence to achieve the best possible outcome.  We cannot guarantee we will win your case.  But we will be available 24/7 as together, we develop the best defense possible.

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