Legal Updates

Defendant Found Not Guilty of Simple Assault

Defendant, SL, was charged with Simple Assault, Possession of an Instrument of a Crime, and related charges. Defendant pepper sprayed the complaining witness in the face.  SL applied for, and was denied, admission into Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition, Domestic Violence Court, and related diversionary courts. SL retained Mark Copoulos to litigate her case.  If convicted, SL would have a criminal record for the rest of her life.

At trial, it was established that the complainant was the aggressor. The complainant admitted to threatening to kill SL’s brother. According to SL, she defensively sprayed the witness. The complainant had informed SL she was going to kill SL’s brother. SL’s actions deescalated a dangerous situation.

The sitting judge found the defendant not guilty of all charges. If you have been arrested for Simple Assault or Domestic Violence related matters, call the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos. The state carries the heavy burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

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