Legal Updates

Defendant Found Not Guilty of Simple Assault, Terroristic Threats

Defendant was charged with Simple Assault and Terroristic Threats following a home dispute.  Defendant allegedly threw a pot at the victim, striking him in the temple.  Attorney Copoulos began an intensive investigation of the matter.  During his investigations, he learned that the so called “victim” had a criminal record in New Jersey.  The so called victim had a record as a drug dealer.  Copoulos won a motion to use this information to impeach the witness’ credibility before trial.

At trial, Copoulos scrutinously examined the complaining witness.  The witness first testified that the complainant threw the pot twice.  He then changed his story to four times.  By the end of cross examination, the sitting judge clearly had doubts as to witness credibility.  Defendant’s brother testified and was also found not credible.  The judge granted a judgment of acquittal as to all counts.  Defendant walked out of court free of all criminal charges, without convictions or penalties for her acts.