Legal Updates

Defendant Found Not Guilty of Simple Assault, REAP

C.W. was outraged.  She was hailed into court for a crime she did not commit.  Her roommate wrongfully accused her of sitting on her stomach and punching her in the face.  The complaining witness was pregnant at the time, and the Office of the District Attorney pressed criminal charges.  C.W. retained the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos to fight the case.

Our office investigated, and located multiple eyewitnesses.  These eyewitnesses promised to come to court to testify that C.W. was acting defensively, and the complaining witness was the aggressor. Through investigation it was also learned that C.W.’s one year old child was present.  If anything, C.W.’s actions were done in the course of protecting her son from imminent harm.

At trial, Mark Copoulos argued that the state could not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.  Two witnesses testified that C.W. was acting defensively, and in protection of her son.  The judge ultimately found the defendant Not Guilty of all charges.  She walked out court a free woman without a prior criminal record.  The Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos is now working to expunge all records of her case.

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