Legal Updates

Defendant Found Not Guilty of DUI

G.K. walked into the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos with a sense of outrage.  He was charged with DUI on his birthday.  He was adamant that he was not driving on the night in question.  G.K. insisted that his friend was driving the car.  Police reported that G.K. drove the car and charged him with DUI.

G.K. retained the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos to fight the case.  He did not want a deal.  G.K. was offered ARD as a rehabilitative option.  Mark Copoulos demanded a trial.

At trial, Mark Copoulos questioned the police officer’s recollection of events.  Several inconsistencies were raised. G.K. then testified credibly that he was not driving.  After a lengthy deliberation, the sitting judge found G.K. not guilty of DUI.  G.K.’s review of Mark Copoulos can be viewed here.