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Defendant Found Not Guilty of Drug Possession

Not GuiltyDefendant was adamant of his innocence.  He insisted that the drugs he was accused of possessing belonged to someone else. Nevertheless, he was stuck with a Public Defender who was pushing him to take a deal.  The PD told him that if he pled guilty he would get probation.  The probation would not be a big deal.  Defendant, J.O., thought it was a big deal.  He did not want to plead guilty to something he did not do. He fired the Public Defender and called Copoulos.

Attorney Copoulos reviewed the evidence and understood J.O.’s frustration.  The drugs were found on the street, not on his person.  There were other people standing around the corner where J.O. was apprehended.  No one saw J.O. buying or selling anything illegal.  Attorney Copoulos advised J.O. to reject the deal and fight the case.

J.O. rejected the guilty plea and opted for a trial.  At trial, Attorney Copoulos passionately advocated for J.O.  He pointed out that J.O. had no prior criminal record.  He brought to light the fact that no drugs were found on J.O., and no one witnessed him purchase or sell anything illegal.  Finally, J.O. took the stand.  He looked the judge in the eye and told her that he did not purchase drugs on that particular day at that time.  He had no reason to purchase drugs because he was going to Narcotics Anonymous classes, and had a full-time job.

The judge found the Defendant not guilty; and instead of walking out with a criminal record and probation, J.O. walked out of the courtroom an innocent man.

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