Legal Updates

Defendant Found Not Guilty of Drug Deal

H.V. was charged with possession with intent to distribute heroin.  If convicted, H.V. was informed the DA would seek the maximum sentence of three years incarceration in a state facility.  H.V. retained the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos because winning the case was the only thing that mattered.

An experienced and professional narcotics officer testified that he had seen H.V. exchange a small item for U.S. currency.  The officer made the observation from a distance of twenty feet.  Within seconds H.V. was stopped. However the alleged buyer was never located, and no buy money was found on H.V.

Through rigorous cross examination, Mr. Copoulos was able to draw out several critical facts.  First, the alleged buyers complete disappearance was highly suspect.  Second, Mr. Copoulos established that no U.S. currency was recovered from H.V. incident to arrest.  Finally, Mr. Copoulos pointed out that the drugs found were consistent with personal use.

During his closing argument Mr. Copoulos successfully convinced the trial court that there was insufficient evidence to convict H.V. of a drug deal.  He noted that without currency, an identified buyer, or a large quantity of drugs, it was unreasonable to assume H.V. was dealing drugs.

The trial court agreed and found the Commonwealth had not met its burden beyond a reasonable doubt.  H.V. was found not guilty of all charges, and walked out of court a free man.