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Defendant Found Not Guilty of Burglary

Burglary is a serious criminal offense.  It is a felony in the state of Pennsylvania.  The charge carries a maximum sentence of twenty years incarceration in some instances.  If convicted the defendant may be branded with the scarlet letter of a conviction on their record. Attorney Mark Copoulos was aware of the seriousness of the implications in the latest case.

The case involved a single mother accused of breaking and entering her ex-boyfriend’s home.  Her children, ages five and nine, were in the home at the time.  Mother allegedly broke into the apartment and retrieved her children from the tub.  On the way out of the house mother allegedly pushed her ex-boyfriend and walked out of the home.  Mom was arrested and charged with Burglary and related misdemeanor offenses.

At trial, Copoulos raised the affirmative defense that Mom was licensed and privileged to enter.  Under section 3502 of the Pennsylvania Code an individual cannot be convicted under such circumstances.  At trial the mother testified and produced a key to the property.  The key established her prior permission to be in the home.  Mother also testified that the physical contact was initiated by her ex-boyfriend.  The court found her not guilty of all charges.  Mother walked out of the courthouse without a prison sentence or any lasting criminal effects.  She will file a motion to expunge her record next month.

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