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Copoulos gets Sig Sauer Back in the Hands of his Client

Attorney Copoulos was retained to retrieve confiscated property. His client, a young college student, had been arrested at a bar for Disorderly Conduct. Upon his arrest defendant’s family heirloom, a Sig Sauer 9MM was confiscated by the police. The gun was a gift from the United States Army for honorable service in Iraq. If lost the defendant’s entire family would be devastated.

Defendant completed the terms of his negotiated sentence but did not get his gun back. Defendant’s initial counsel told him obtaining the gun was a lost cause.

The young man put Copoulos on the case. Attorney Copoulos filed a motion for return of property. After several court hearings and responding to a litany of interrogatories, the DA conceded the firearm must be returned. The court ordered the return of the Sig Sauer and defendant retrieved his family heirloom from the Philadelphia police station.

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