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Copoulos Gets $10,000.00 for Commercial Tenant (Uninhabitable Property)

Client, G.K., was outraged.  She rented a property with the intention of creating a daycare.  She invested thousands of dollars in her business.  Days before her business was to open toxic chemicals leaked into the basement.  The leak came from disassembly of a massive dryer from a former dry cleaner.  G.K.’s landlord oversaw disassembly of the dryer and failed to hire licensed contractors to remove the dryer from the basement.  G.K. was forced to vacate after PERC (a toxic substance that causes cancer) leaked into the air.  For months the daycare sat vacant as G.K. could not use the property for its intended purpose.  Incredibly, the landlord continued to demand rent despite making the property uninhabitable.

G.K. hired the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos.  Attorney Copoulos began his investigation into the matter.  He sent a letter to the landlord informing him no further rental payments would be made. The case proceeded to trial after the landlord sued G.K.  Before trial the landlord agreed to withdraw all of his claims against G.K. for nonpayment of rent and pay $10,000.00.  G.K. accepted the offer and moved on with her life.

If you are paying rent to a landlord and suffer injury on a rental property, contact the Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos.  We will aggressively represent you in Municipal Court the Court of Common Pleas.  You may be entitled to rent withholding and substantial compensation if the landlord failed to exercise reasonable care in the maintenance of the property.  Call now for a free consultation. Our office can be reached twenty-four hours per by phone or email.