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Cocaine Suppressed in Philadelphia Criminal Case

K.P. was charged with Possession With Intent to Deliver and Possession of a Controlled Substance.  He was arrested for allegedly walking the streets with a clear bag of cocaine.  Attorney Copoulos visited K.P. in jail.  He learned that K.P. did not make a drug deal or use drugs before the arrest.  According to the police report, K.P. was stopped and handcuffed after running away from police.  The police used flight as the basis to stop and arrest K.P.
Attorney Copoulos litigated a motion to suppress under the 4th and 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution.  He argued that K.P. had a right to be free from police intrusion on the street.  He also had a right to evade police if he so chose.  The bottom line was that K.P. had not engaged in suspicious or illegal activity before his arrest.  The judge agreed and granted the motion to suppress evidence.  Drug evidence was excluded from trial.

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