Legal Updates

Attorney Copoulos Gets Full Acquittal in Assault Case

Defendant (“MD”) was charged with Simple Assault, Recklessly Endangering Another Person, Possessing an Instrument of a Crime, Harassment, and Terroristic Threats.  Attorney Copoulos entered his appearance and took the case to trial.  At trial, it was established that the testifying witness was biased.  The witness was MD’s ex-girlfriend and incited the behavior.  Attorney Copoulos elicited testimony that complaining witness took MD’s child from a car without explanation.  

MD then took the stand.  He testified credibly that he was acting defensively on the night in question. Further questioning revealed that the complaining witness had emotional issues.  In closing, Attorney Copoulos asked the judge to find MD not guilty of all charges.  After lengthy consideration, his Honor found MD not guilty of all charges.  MD will be expunging the matter and seeking return of property confiscated during his arrest.

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