Legal Updates

Attempted Murder Charges Dismissed

The Law Office of Mark Copoulos was successful in dismissing felony attempted murder charges.  Defendant was charged with firing a gun at an alleged victim in West Philadelphia. The alleged victim did not recognize the individual who shot him. The victim’s friend stated he could identify the perpetrator. Police ran a criminal background check of individuals in the neighborhood and compiled a photo array.  The victim’s friend picked Copoulos’ client as the shooter.

Copoulos stressed the importance of preparation and being ready for trial.  He visited his client multiple times at the prison to review defense theories and get prepared. At the first hearing of the matter Copoulos was ready to proceed.  The Commonwealth was not prepared to go forward.  The case was continued and again the government was unprepared.  In a bold move the judge dismissed the case for lack of prosecution. The defendant was released. Upon his release defendant promised to tell his friends about the excellent representation at Copoulos Law.

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