Legal Updates

$37,500 Verdict in Fraud Claim

The Law Office of Mark D. Copoulos obtained two $37,500.00 verdicts this week on behalf of siblings defrauded by their brother.  Plaintiff’s E.W. and D.W. were supposed to receive a payout following the death of their father.  Their father A.W. died intestate and had a valuable property in South Philadelphia.  E.W. and D.W. signed Letters of Renunciation making Defendant the sole administrator of their late father’s estate.  Defendant then sold A.W.’s property and absconded with the sale proceeds.  Plaintiff E.W. initially filed the claim on her own, but retained Copoulos to handle the matter after hiring him for her boyfriend’s violation of probation hearing.  Copoulos obtained a default judgment, and at an assessment of damages hearing convinced the judge that both siblings were entitled to $37,500.00.  The Court awarded the judgment to both siblings individually totaling $75,000.00.